About Me

I am UtkMcpe78!

(Note: To see my repls, go to the "Creations" page on the top menu).


What I Like To Do

Computer program on Replit. My profile is @UtkMcpe78

Play the Piano. I've learned to play pieces like Fur Elise and Rondo alla Turca.

I'm Good At:

I am an almost-expert at playing the piano. I've even composed some songs of my own, such as Who Knows and I Want Not A Word (neither are famous songs).

I am very good at computer programming.
I enjoy using Node.js, Python, and Flask most of the time, and sometimes HTML and CSS.

Web design is one of my best skills. I know how to create error 404 pages.

Please don't fall asleep while reading this: I am excellent in mathematics. Try viewing my calculator here.

Favorite Games

Chess. I'm very good at the game, almost at an advanced level! I used to use chess.com, but don't anymore. While I was using it, my highest accuracy was between 94.0 and 99.9!(And that was when I was an intermediate; I was playing against a computer bot with a higher ELO than me)!

Roblox. My favorite Roblox games are Pick A Side, Be A Parkour Ninja, Don't Press the Button 4, and Hide and Seek Extreme.

Connect4. I win Connect4 games most of the time.